moderated Testing notifications #misc


Hi All,

Before I roll out the new moderator notifications (for chat/files/photos/wikis/databases), I'd like some feedback on them. If you're interested, please contact me off-list and I'll enable them for you. You won't be able to turn them off during the test (that is, they will not show up in Notifications in your Subscription page). They will be set to Email and Web/App, which is the default and they will be turned on for all of your groups.

If your groups have no activity in those areas, you will receive no notifications.

Note that moderator notifications are not sent to you if you did the action that caused the notification. For example, if I'm a moderator of a group with photo notifications turned on, and I upload a photo, I will not get notified of it. But if someone else uploads a photo, I will get that notification.


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