moderated Re: Notify Members checkboxes #update



Is what you are doing changing the concept of how notifications will
Yes in one major regard: you can now opt in to immediate ("push") notifications by web, and soon in the mobile device apps. See GMF's wiki page:

Also, there are new per-user controls for muting or following notifications. See that same wiki page.

Up until now the owners/mods determine if something reaches the
attention of the members.
Not exactly. Members have long had the option of checking the Notify Members box on the File Upload page. This remains the same, plus now that checkbox also appears on Photos upload and Wiki page create/edit.

Will the eventual change mean that is negated? That notifications will
reach the member unless they log in and change a setting?
Probably not. But not everything is settled yet (to my knowledge).

We have no photos, database and just a few files. Have used the
calendar twice in our history. Have used the pool once. We don't make
use of hashtags.
So you won't have much to be notified about. ;-)

Whatever is being changed with hash tags, I hope I will be able to
prevent a notification reaching them for superficial edits ...
Right now you have to check the Notify Members box if you want a notification posted to the group. But this is one of the areas Mark has said he's still working on.


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