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Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

Is what you are doing changing the concept of how notifications will function?
Up until now the owners/mods determine if something reaches the attention of the members.

Will the eventual change mean that is negated? That notifications will reach the member unless they log in and change a setting?

Two-thirds haven't ever logged in. I'm not sure I can convince them to do so. They may find it easier to leave the group than to endure an uptick in notifications.

We have no photos, database and just a few files. Have used the calendar twice in our history. Have used the pool once. We don't make use of hashtags.

The wiki is our resource and reference. It links to current policy and directiveshoused off-sitem and a few files housed in the group. 

Whatever is being changed with hash tags, I hope I will be able to prevent a notification reaching them for superficial edits such as transferring content between pages, adding new pages to capture existing content, deleting information and pages that no longer serve a purpose (or conflict with changed policy) and fixing broken links, spelling and grammar. The only time I can envision a notification for a wiki change or a file change useful is if it is new information or a newly introduced policy.

Sandi Dickenson
ASG Volunteers Group

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