moderated Re: Missing reminders #bug


On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 8:54 AM Don Pottenger <dhpottenger@...> wrote:
Is there a list kept somewhere where the current bugs and suggestions are prioritized so we can see where our issues stand on a priority list? Is anyone else seeing the missing reminders bug besides me? I consider this a rather serious problem for our group. I would hope it would not be that hard to fix. 

You can look at the #bug tag on beta, specifically the topics with #bug but without #fixed.

In terms of the reminders, it is, unfortunately, difficult to fix, requiring re-writing a chunk of the calendar code. I have been investigating it. I want to finish up the already-in-progress notification stuff first, and then I will address it.

You can delete your existing repeating event and completely recreate it. That will generate the correct reminders. The problem occurs when editing existing events/reminders.


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