moderated Re: Databases #suggestion #done



Is it possible to ‘freeze’ the top row of a database /a la/ Excel etc?
It is particularly irksome when editing or viewing an entry and then
wondering what the column is? If you get my drift.
I don't get your drift. In Excel (and most spreadsheets) the columns are only identified by letters, unless you've used a row for that.

In the Database each column is not only identified by the Name you gave that column in the table definition, but also the Description you gave it. The Description is shown when adding or editing a row. Unlike Excel you can't edit the cells in place, so one always has the opportunity to see each column's Description for those operations.

I'll grant though, it would be nice to have an option to freeze the column header (Names) while scrolling the table (since I generally have my Items Per Page set at 100).


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