moderated Re: Notify Members checkboxes #update


> I think also when I'm adding these new per-moderator notifications, I will add 2 per-subscriber notifications: notifications when someone likes a message, and notifications when someone posts to a chat their subscribed to, but not currently viewing.

This and now and then, I remember an eGroups function, called, 'Traffic.'

Rather than see Likes, etc, a month of data was given to include a bar hraph, about the posts. What posts drew 73% of the members viewership, 42, 18, whatever... was a main aspect. Which pisters derw what Reply-count or caused a Topus repky count if repkies were to their original or not. Mods can use this to really see what trends are of more interest, (who to make a mod,) and divide their research/work/support, proportionately, to drive list quality and audience appreciation.

Like databases, which I liked, (and for which I developed tricks to extend the 10 column limits etc,) few owners made use of it, so it was dropped. But I even sometimes pointed out to membership what seemed popular. They seemed to make use of it to join in or support their 'causes' more ardantly.

I'd hope you wouldn't develope it and give it only to Enterprises, but truely, no Enterprise should be without it.


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