moderated Re: Notify Members checkboxes #update

Chris Jones

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 04:56 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Right now the following notifications are missing: delete file/photo/wiki page, close chat, add/modify/delete photo album. 
1) Should I add those as notifications that group members can send when performing those actions, with `Notify Members` checkboxes? 
I'm getting rather loud alarm bells now with the list of Notifications growing. I'm still mulling over the question of Notifications to Moderators but I can see that notifications to members could become contentious.

To my way of thinking with the list likely to become quite long it will be impossible for group owners (inc Moderators) to set up a one - size - fits - all notification scheme with the only balanced solution being the ability of individual members to be able to select the notifications that they want to receive from a pick list in the same way as they can select their (message) email deliveries now.

In addition, with many individuals being members of several groups if the decision is made by Owners then members will find different criteria applied in different groups when they would prefer to select notifications to meet their own individual requirements.

At the moment I cannot see a better solution to "the notification problem" than to put the decision in the hands of the recipients rather than group managers.

At the same time I, as a moderator, want or even need the ability to tidy up a Files or Photos section without generating a blizzard of notifications as a result. Left to themselves members can make an untidy and uncoordinated mess of Files and Photos and it occasionally needs moderator intervention to try to restore some sense of order. Excessively granular notification of uploads, deletions, edits (inc relocations) will just serve to generate frustration amongst a group's members so that has to be a way for a moderator to rework archive contents without triggering a notification at every turn.

A further thought about Polls; a Poll is a message with a specific question included, and as such is not a notification in the same way as an upload is. I would not want members to be able to suppress awareness of a  Poll by any means whatsoever. Choosing not to respond to a Poll is one thing; choosing not to know about it is another thing entirely. IMHO #poll-notice should not be a notification.


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