moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Guidelines sent monthly will now have the hashtag #guidelines-notice.
  • CHANGE: Monthly notices will now have the hashtag #monthly-notice.
  • BUGFIX: Notification messages did not obey group moderation settings.
  • NEW: Added notifications for new photos uploaded and wiki additions/changes. Added the #file-notify hashtag to file upload notifications.
  • CHANGE: When uploading files, the checkbox to notify the group is now checked by default.
  • INTERNAL: Changed combinerd daemon to use nsqd.
  • INTERNAL: Added a utility to check for and fix timezone subscription copy-down inconsistencies in the database.
  • CHANGE: Fixed plain text digest subject lines to include subject tags/group titles
  • NEW: Add a Send A Test Notification button in the Account notifications page to test if notifications are working.
  • BUGFIX: Fix issue with merging a topic into a topic that had an apostrophe in the subject line.
  • BUGFIX: If attempting to upload a photo to the Files section, and the group is configured to disallow that, we would still generate an upload notification.
  • NEW: Web push notifications are now supported for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers via a new tab in the Account section.
  • NEW: You can specify to have push notifications sent on a per-hashtag basis.
  • NEW: Moderator notifications will now be sent by default via both email and web push notifications, if you have them configured. Moderator notification settings are now dropdowns instead of checkboxes.
  • NEW: Moderator notifications for pending members and pending messages will only be sent to moderators with privileges to approve them.

Take care everyone.


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