moderated Re: New notifications #update



#cal-invite messages will be moderated. #cal-notice and #cal-reminder
messages will continue to not be moderated even if the group is
moderated. Seems complicated.
The calendar always has been, and looks like it will remain, a problem child. I think it is because it can cause an action at a future date/time, and that action's point is at least blunted, if not defeated, if the action doesn't happen on schedule.

This hints at two other things to watch for: Group Guidelines and Monthly Reminder. These particular notifications can only be created by a group moderator, so I don't think they need to obey any group-wide moderation setting when posting (and they haven't, to date).

Currently (as of 06-01) the monthly group guidelines message has two hashtags: #monthly #guidelines; perhaps that should consolidate to #guidelines-notice. The Monthly Reminder has none; perhaps it should have #monthly-notice. Just to fit the pattern.


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