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Isn't this a simple example of the fact that blank spaces are invalid in any
URL? A common solution is to replace them with "%20" to make them acceptable
but still render as spaces in most circumstances. Would it be difficult to do
this at the server when they are uploaded/sent?

Jim Fisher

On 11 Apr 2015 at 13:04, Shal Farley wrote:


It applies to all attachments sent in a given message. I'm a little
baffled. I looked at the logs, and it says that the message emailed to
your roadrunner.com account should have gotten the message *WITHOUT*
the attachment.
In my message the image file was named "Cap Fail 800.png", but when I click the
link I'm prompted to download a file named "Cap" - suspiciously truncated at the
first space. This caused trouble opening the file on my Windows system (now of
unknown file type).

Another trial, using a filename without spaces, gave me back link text and file
name that look like a random number, "6c3479.jpg", but at least it preserved the
file type. The URL under the link though was similar to before. Maybe the
modified file name in the later trial is in response to the first one (replaced
the file name rather than risk spaces)?

-- Shal

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