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No virus scanner can ever be 100% effective. The best they can do is to respond
as fast as possible to any new virus that turns up, which takes time to
investigate and code and more time to disseminate to users. I always read
messages in plain text and never open attachments unless I'm quite sure they
are safe.

On another aspect, if I do view an email in HTML (when I'm sure of the source
and it can't be viewed any other way - which I consider bad and inconsiderate
design), it still refuses to download any embedded images from the web, but
only displays them if they are attachments. That isn't just my choice, it's the
way the package is designed. If I really want to see them I have to look in the
source code for the URL and use a browser to download them.

Jim Fisher

On 11 Apr 2015 at 17:42, Linda wrote:

Ronaldo wrote:
As to the size limit, 50 KB will not stop all viruses. 20 KB

Is it possible for attachments to pass through a virus
scanner before distribution?

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