moderated Re: New notifications #update

Michael Pavan

On Jun 18, 2020, at 3:49 PM, Shal Farley <> wrote:


While these Notifications might be informative and perhaps useful to
some, the additional email traffic they generate is unwelcome for many
people, especially if their Inbox is already very busy.
Impudent response: sounds like your members need to learn what the Mute link in the message footer is for.
I called no names.
My intent was to be anything but impudent, impertinent, insolent, cheeky, audacious, or in any way rude. I was acknowledging that some people might like these Notifications.

I do disagree with the notion that anyone needs more training, rather than's features should be selectable to best suit all users.
Won't be more successful if it is more user-friendly (easier to use) than not?

Why shouldn't Group Owners be able to customize their groups to best suit their participants?

Why insist everyone needs to use all features?
If so, why is it possible to choose/unchoose some, but not others?
And if not, what is wrong with easy, suitable controls to turn off undesired features, rather than having to undergo tedious workarounds?

In fact I don't have a problem with having a group option to Mute the new system notification hashtags for all members, as each new hashtag is implemented. Retroactively perhaps for the three recent ones (#file, #photo & #wiki).
If a Group Owner wants an option off, what is the need for some members to turn those on?
Isn't the Owner supposed to be able to decide that for each of their groups.

But I wouldn't do that to the well established #cal-xxx hashtags.
I believe the #cal-xxx hashtags started about 2 years ago - that doesn't mean that there are satisfactory controls for them yet...

Again, Groups/Owners/members may desire some, all, or no hashtags.

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