moderated Re: File upload notifications


>> Now, if you wanted to needlessly increase complexity, give owners a switch to set their global/list preference to create a setting during a random time frame which they must manually set and reset. I wouldn't... but you're the Captain.

By "random time frame," I meant the owner would set or unset at will... Not of course by a time decided upon by a random number generator... 🤨🤣

As said, I doubt I'd create this added option - but I defer to others. For the meantime, less more. I'd stick with the YahOops convention we're used to.

As said, a mere notification ~'*tends* to be poor' because members create poor File Names.

*I* will often notify, but I would name well and it would be during the context of a discussion, usually with me pre-announcing that a File is coming. Most members on most lists do not operate at this level of clarity.

Random swear words? Hmmm.


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