moderated Re: File upload notifications

Andy Wedge

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 05:32 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Why wouldn't you want your members to know about files being uploaded? Isn't the whole point of uploading files being that your members can then access them?
Hi Mark,

I have similar reasons to J's comments. I can upload files at various times that can be background or historical information and I don't want a notice going out for each one. I may send a separate note out to members with summary what's been done and a link to where they can find information.  At times we struggle to keep our members in due to the volume of emails they receive. Despite best efforts to offer support and help them understand the array of options available to them to control email volumes, many of them it seems either don't have the time or inclination to learn. Their initial reaction from what they see as unnecessary and unwanted emails is either to unsubscribe from our main group or start marking messages as spam because they just want them to stop.

When we loaded our 1000+ club members into in April last year there was an initial push back and numerous people unsubscribed so we only had 90% of our members on the system. Over time, through phone calls and online demonstrations we have persuaded many to give another look so we are now at 96%. I feel that the recent changes can cause a sudden increase in system generated emails which is likely to cause some people to leave (again). The trouble is that when they leave, they leave with a negative impression of which is a pity as so many here are trying make the user experience better.

It has been mentioned on this group several times before (by Shal IIRC)  that changes should fit into the category of 'least surprise'. I'm not sure that the notification changes do and some of the comments posted on GMF tend to back up that point.

I would just add that I do appreciate all the effort that goes into and the generally rapid response to queries and bug fixes. I'm sure many here feel the same despite the recent barrage of emails.


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