moderated Re: File upload notifications

Carol Good

Why wouldn't you want your members to know about files being uploaded?
On most of my groups, one of the rules is that you will NOT notify the group
when a file is uploaded.  After loading the file, a new topic with a link to
the file and a description of what it's for should be sent, possibly leading
to discussions.  Because not everyone names files well, nor provides a good
description, this works much better for us.
For our group, yes, we want members to know when a file is uploaded, and the checkbox is preferable to nothing. But like Duane, we would actually love members to announce their file rather than just click the notification for the same reasons.

For the record, we don't use hashtags. We have deleted them for a reason. I uploaded a test file just now and the #file was created. I deleted that hashtag, deleted the test file and reuploaded it. No new hashtag was created, but in both cases the notification went out. I deleted and reloaded the file for a third time to check, and the same thing occurred - no new hashtag but another notification.

So we have to have hashtags we don't want just to be able to lock or moderate them? Doesn't feel like much of an improvement.


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