moderated Re: New notifications #update

Chris Jones

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 04:08 PM, Duane wrote:
I did an informal survey of some of my members.  No one wants any/all these notifications sent to them.
OK; I haven't done a survey but I suspect that what Duane said about nobody wanting a blizzard of notifications is entirely correct.

After a member uploaded some photos to the group I moderate 2 notifications were generated. I then edited our photo archive index which is held (with links) in the group wiki; another notification sent out. On the plus side the notification about the photos enabled anyone to find them very easily, but the wiki notification only identified which page had been edited, so was of lesser benefit to the wider membership.

I suspect that a group membership may become at first frustrated and eventually actively annoyed at being over - notified. The more granular a notification system is the greater is the potential for annoyance on the part of a group membership, especially since anecdote tells us that many or most members never use the web UI at all. 

I would ask - plead even -  that moderators should have the option of turning individual motifications off at least until a better way of managing them can be identified.

What would be the practicalities of sending a "Notifications Digest" once per day per group? At least it would increase the daily message tally by just one rather than n, where n is a potentially large integer.


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