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On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 07:20 AM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
we need some way to distinguish between the system-generated notification and a message with the #file or #wiki added by a subscriber.
I agree. The system hashtags could/should be set to "use by moderators only." Other attributes of them could/should also be set by default by the system, such as the ones that don't really apply (e.g. "locked," "moderated") and the ones that seem to conflict with alternatively-specified attributes (e.g., "no email"). In the case of "no email," it sounds on the surface like you're trying to specify the conditions and methods under which the notification is delivered. But that could/should be handled elsewhere in the separate "notifications" section I'm proposing.

Each notification would have various options and conditions for delivery, specified by the mods. They would each get a system hashtag, but those hashtags would be specially set up and constrained by the system as above, so as not to conflict with the options of the notification itself. Members could still mute the tags individually.

Those are the lines I'm starting to think along.

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