moderated Re: File upload notifications

M Parker


I am pleased to see that the Notify Members checkbox when a file is uploaded is now checked by default. I would be unhappy if the feature was removed as I periodically move files around from one folder to another for archiving purposes and am not keen on there being lots of such notifications swamping the daily digests or individual mails for members receiving them. Setting a time period is one way to avoid this but is 5 minutes long enough?

Margaret P
Leeds, UK

I just pushed the following changes:
  • The Notify Members checkbox when uploading files is now checked by default, in preparation for removing it at some point.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. One thing I'm curious about is whether I need to aggregate these notifications if they are generated within a certain limited time period. That is, if someone does 10 edits of the same wiki page in 5 minutes, should those just generate one notification (after 5 minutes). This would cause a delay on when the notification is sent out while we wait to see if any more changes happen. I'm curious to know if that will be a common occurrence.

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