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Agreed. There has to be a way to turn each notification off, either completely, and/or per action (as with uploading files), and/or sending just to moderators. Preferably all of those options. 

The choice of “no email” for a regular hashtag is an example of square peg - round hole. It has a completely different meaning (and effect) for these notification tags. “Locked” and “moderated” and other settings also don’t really apply in any meaningful way. I think “notification tags“ should be completely separate objects, not regular hashtags, with their own settings etc. 

On Jun 18, 2020, at 4:09 AM, Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...> wrote:

In scrolling down the replies to this thread I don't see if there is a way for wiki edit notifications to reach only mods and owners. 

I don't want everyone in my group getting a wiki notification for every spelling and grammar error that I correct. Or for fixing a broken link. 

This is coming at a bad time as I was in the process of proofing our wiki. 

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