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On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 05:08 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I will proactively create these hashtags for groups, if they don't already exist.
click the 'Edit' link for the hashtag (not the Edit Tag button),
 Ok, thanks. I find the double use of "edit" very confusing so hopefully a different word for the second one can be substituted at some point.

you can check the 'Web/App Notify' checkbox. In that regard, as in others, they are just regular emails sent to the group. This is different from the moderator notifications, which are sent to individuals only.
I'm having lots of trouble understanding this. How is the web/app notify a regard in which they're just regular emails? Also, where and how will moderator notifications fit into this scheme? I still don't understand the global thing. At all. Will we be able to edit any of the tags, such as #wiki, so that the emails are sent to moderators only? I don't want the group to receive notifications for wiki edits. When I requested that addition to notifications a long time ago (and others have also done that since), I didn't envision the notifications going to the group. Where will moderator notifications be separated from group notifications? Do you have any sort of list yet that you could post, so we can see which is which? As well as where the mod notifications will be found, edited, etc.? I am still not seeing the forest here...just a few trees here and there. I'm sure there's a beautiful forest somewhere in your head, but I'm not seeing it yet!



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