moderated Re: New notifications #update


I'm behind the curve on this due to not being able to allow Notifications until a few minutes ago. So please excuse a few basic questions: Does
"sent to the group" in the #wiki notification mean the notification is sent as a message to the group? Will there be, or is there, a way for selected notifications to go to moderators only, as there is now for things like pending members? I certainly would not want my whole group notified every time I, or anyone else, edits a wiki page, and hope that all of these deliveries would be subject to options set by moderators.  I don't see any of these hashtags yet in my group and am wondering where they are (since they've been pushed), and I have reloaded since reconfiguring my FF and enabling notifications. So wonder whether I'm looking in the right place, and also I can't see how they can be edited. I hope to catch up on all of this quick.


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