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In #25296 you wrote:
There is more work to be done with the notifications overhaul, including adding a whole bunch more notifications and figuring out where those notifications should live. I will continue that discussion in the New notifications proposal topic that Shal most recently responded to last night.

And in #25323 you wrote:
I think the biggest thing left to figure out about notifications is where they should appear.

I was originally envisioning a separate list of compact notification items, click one to be taken to the relevant action. Similar to that seen on other sites:
And yes, I recognize the irony of citing "f" after declaring them a non sequitur. In my defense that Notification UI seems to be in common on many sites. In terms of ease of learning and use there's something to be said for adopting a UI pattern that is likely to be already familiar to users. So long as it accomplishes what you need / want.

That was before you proposed the idea of merging notifications with messages and the hashtag mechanism. Putting what's essentially a replica of the email notification into the group's Messages list is a completely different point of view. It has some advantages, such as being an obvious springboard for discussion. Again the already existing example of events from the calendar: birthday and anniversary events are very popular conversation starters in my "social" groups.

The hashtag-based UI controls may be compatible the "bell" notification display. While notifications by email are perforce email messages with a Subject text and a body text, the items in the Notification list on the web could be pared down to the bare essential text needed to convey the information, and the entire area of the list item be a link to a relevant place (which would depend on what the notice is about).  It may not be needed or even desirable to have the text of the hashtag be part of the notification item.

With the "bell" display pattern I think one in the top-bar that shows a sum over all memberships, plus one in the left nav pane (just above or below Messages) for those specific to a given group, would be good.

With the "merged into messages" display pattern I think I would still want an easy to find a control ("filter") to select for display both messages (member content) and notifications, or only one or the other.

This will take at least one night's sleep to consider.


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