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Thomas Gruber

And 1 more, with some additional info:
Firefox on Mac - latest version.
this is a bit tricky, at least it was for me. I had to allow notifications from Firefox in the control panel / notification settings, and I also had to disable my „do not disturb“ setting which is currently active, to make the notifications appear. After that, notifications on the Mac now also work in Firefox for me.
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Am 16.06.2020 um 23:20 schrieb Thomas Gruber <computerhusky@...>:

Addition to my previous message:
Notifications work for me in Firefox as well, FF 70.0.1 in windows 10 1803 (yes, both a bit old, I agree).
I upgraded FF to 77.0.1 and it’s also working in this version.


Am 16.06.2020 um 22:47 schrieb Andy Wedge <andy_wedge@...>:

On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 07:54 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
TIL Firefox mobile restricts the size of the notification payload. It should be fixed now. Hopefully.
Still no notifications via FF on my mobile even though my account status showed the were active for Windows FF and Android FF. I've now gone through the following steps:

1- Disable notifications on all devices (from my laptop)
2- Re-enabled notifications on my laptop
3- Sent test notification from laptop - received OK
4- check notification status from FF mobile and see this:


1- The Enable Notifications In This Browser button does nothing
2- The Send A Test Notification button does nothing
3- Unsure why there is an Enable and Disable button for In This Browser - shouldn't one button toggle the option?
4- Tried Disable Notifications In This Browser button and tapped Yes on the verify pop-up panel - no changes to screen information or button options
5 -Tried Disable Notifications On All Devices button and tapped Yes on the verify pop-up panel - Screen updated to remove Windows Firefox details and Disable Notifications On All Devices button removed also - confirmed change by checking notification status on laptop

It's clearly not happy!?


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