moderated Re: Web notifications now enabled #update

Dave Sergeant

And for information:
Push notifications in Pale Moon

Web Push allows websites to notify users of new messages or updated
content. While the browser is open, websites who have been granted
permissions can send notifications to your browser and display them on
the screen, even when you don't have a page open to that website.

For privacy reasons, Web Push is not considered a supported feature in
Pale Moon; the DOM interface is disabled by default (indicating to
sites it's not a supported API) and Pale moon does not include the UI
components to properly deal with Web Push, so even if you enable it in
the advanced configuration editor, it may not provide you with the
controls or interface to properly manage it. Do not enable this
platform feature in Pale Moon.

On 16 Jun 2020 at 6:57, Dave Sergeant wrote:

I get the "Desktop notifications are not supported in this browser."
message. This is on Palemoon (Firefox compatible), it looks like a
fairly restricted subset of browsers are supported at the moment.

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