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On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 02:41 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Moderator notifications for pending members and pending messages will now only be sent to moderators with privileges to approve them. Previously these notifications were sent to all moderators. Also, the options to set/change these notifications no longer appear in the Subscription page for moderators without those privileges.
Yay for that. (Now if we could also make actions on those pending things visible in logs only to moderators with those permissions...)

It will take me some time to work through this. However, I think I missed something major here. It seems this whole deal is available only for mobile? I did go into the Notifications section in my account using Firefox and saw the following (boldface added for "mobile"):

In addition to email, you can receive notifications about events through push notifications on your mobile device and browser.

You currently have no devices enabled to receive notifications.

Note: Notifications are activated per device and browser. To receive notifications on multiple devices, sign in on each device, enable notifications, and make sure you're online.

Desktop notifications are not supported in this browser.

 So in other words, nothing has changed for desktop? I'm about to read the rest of this thread so maybe something will reveal itself in that process.

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