moderated Web notifications now enabled #update


Hi All,

I just enabled web push notifications on the website. This is the first part of the notifications overhaul. Here is what is new and/or changed:

  • Web push notifications are now supported for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers via a new Notifications tab in the Account section. Safari is not yet supported.
  • You can now specify to have push notifications sent on a per-hashtag basis. Go to the Hashtags page for a group, click the Edit link and then check the Web/App Notifications checkbox.
  • Moderator notifications will now be sent by default via both email and web push notifications, if you have web notifications configured. Moderator notification settings are now dropdowns instead of checkboxes. The dropdown options are: Email and Web/App, Email Only, Web/App Only, and None, with Email and Web/App being the default. If you have something set to Email and Web/App, but don't have web notifications enabled, it will behave as before and just send you notifications via email.
  • Moderator notifications for pending members and pending messages will now only be sent to moderators with privileges to approve them. Previously these notifications were sent to all moderators. Also, the options to set/change these notifications no longer appear in the Subscription page for moderators without those privileges.

For those that have been following the notifications discussions, this is a bit different than my original hashtag notifications proposal, in that the moderator notifications settings have not been eliminated and replaced with hashtags.

There is more work to be done with the notifications overhaul, including adding a whole bunch more notifications and figuring out where those notifications should live. I will continue that discussion in the New notifications proposal topic that Shal most recently responded to last night.

Please let me know if you see any problems with these new features. I've had the moderator web notifications turned on for Beta over the past week, and I've definitely appreciated having them.

Thanks, Mark

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