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Hi Mark,

Sorry for the late and lengthy reply.

We've already got this mix of messages and notifications. What that
also means is that the message archive is also the activity feed for
the group, the place where a member can go to see everything that has
happened in the group ...
I may not be the best person to speak to this point, as I primarily keep up with my groups via email. Someone who primarily uses the web pages might have an opinion about whether it is best to see these all in one list, or in separate lists. I always agitate for message filters, so maybe for this too...

I do suspect that having additional notifications mixed into groups' messages section will strongly amplify the call for an ability for a member to see the group's messages with muting/following choices applied. I don't happen to like how that's handled in the home ("Your Groups") pages, I'd prefer it be a remembered filter checkbox in the Messages and Topics pages, but again I might not be the best to speak to this affordance.

For better or worse, this is also how Facebook Groups is structured.
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I think the concept of an activity feed is important for the group,
and if we end up pulling all the notifications out of the message
archive, then I think we would need to create a new activity feed view
I thought that was exactly what was intended. Together with a new home page for Notifications across all of a member's groups, parallel with the Topics pages (but without the need for the All, Muted, and Followed sub-pages). Also, a nit: calling it an "activity feed" instead of Notifications throws a red flag for me, in that overloads with the existing group Activity page under Admin.

As a unified list, it starts to break the names "Messages" and "Topics" for those pages - while the notifications are generally a consequence of some user activity, I've never thought of them as part of the group's ongoing discussion. I've always felt that the calendar and file upload notices be mixed into the group's user messages was kind of a kludge, done that way because we had no other way (tiptoeing around the "because Yahoo did it that way" precedent).

But you make a compelling case that the example we have of calendar reminders and notices (and file uploads) isn't terrible. At least not for calendar events. In fact I have found it useful to have the calendar messages prompt conversations in my groups.

In those cases the posting in the group is not obligatory: the person creating the calendar event decides whether reminders and notices are to be sent, as does the person uploading the file. Maybe that does make sense for new types too. Some files, some photos, some wiki pages, deserve to prompt group discussion, some don't.

I do know, that as a moderator, I want email notification of such things (calendar event creation, file & photo upload, wiki page creation / edit -- the whole gamut of member activity) regardless of whether the person taking the action chooses to announce it to the group.

As an experienced (and content-greedy) member, I'd also want the notifications for file uploads (and the new notifications) regardless of the opinion of the person who took the action. But I don't know how to do that while preserving the "Notify Members" function (specifically the default of not checking that box). Maybe that's an Advanced Preferences subscription option, to see all activity notifications and not just those that were marked "Notify Members".

I've added a new list view to the group hashtag page, and that
preference is remembered automatically.
I like it very much, thank you.

I'm definitely open to suggestions for how to better structure that
page should we go the hashtags-for-notifications route,
Maybe filter checkboxes to select whether Topic hashtags or Notification hashtags are to be selected for display. The default case (neither checked) would display them all. I'd like to move away from the Members list method (drop-list button to select the list filtering).

The hashtags for notifications route doesn't seem too terrible, given some tools mentioned above for controlling them. I haven't thought about how the various hashtag options a group owner can apply might be useful or problematic when applied to notification hashtags. There's a lot of power there, and maybe a few razor-blade edges to put guards on.

(glad I got back around to this while it is still daylight)

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