moderated amended/corrected: member's MT status does not override group's "messages that start new topics are moderated" setting #bug #fixed


(Mark: my previous bug report about MT status was incorrectly stated and the thread got taken over by side issues, so I'm resending this bug report with the actual reproducible bug, in case you did not end up reading to the end of the other thread. Feel free to delete this if you did.)

If a group is set to "messages that start new topics are moderated" and a group member is set to MT ("Override: moderate all messages of every topic this person starts"), then when that member starts a new topic, the first message of the topic is moderated as per the group setting, but the topic is not moderated. The activity log shows an entry "XYZ sent message "ABC" requiring approval because the group is set to moderate the first message in a topic and this message is starting a new topic" The MT status is not overriding the group setting as it should.

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