moderated Re: "moderate all messages of every topic this person starts" threads not showing moderated icon #bug #fixed

Chris Jones

On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 03:36 PM, Andy Wedge wrote:
In addition to the moderated icon not being displayed as you mentioned, the topic drop-down menu shows a 'Moderate topic' option suggesting that the topic is not moderated which is also incorrect in this case.

I have just conducted a test elsewhere and found results not consistent with observations made so far.

On a test group to which I have access with two memberships I submitted a message from an address that I had set to "Moderate all messages..." 

When I then looked at the web UI the "moderated" icon WAS present. Furthermore the "More" drop down showed UNmoderate topic, meaning that my test result did not confirm Andy's comments quoted above; quite the opposite.

No indication in the resulting email that the topic was moderated though.


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