moderated Re: "moderate all messages of every topic this person starts" threads not showing moderated icon #bug #fixed

Andy Wedge

On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 04:20 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
In a generally unmoderated group members will be accustomed to seeing their posts "come back" more or less immediately after they have sent them. If, however, they respond to a topic that is fully moderated there will be a delay of indeterminate length before their message is actually posted and the associated email dispatched. Do they find themselves sitting there wondering "where has my post gone"? In the absence of any flag either on the web UI or within the dispatched emails I would have expected that they would do exactly that, with accompanying head - scratching. 

Has anyone got any practical experience of this, either way?
I find that some members who don't see their post come back almost immediately post the message again, and sometimes more than once, on the basis that they either weren't sure they did it right the first time or they think the message didn't go through for some reason.


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