moderated Re: "moderate all messages of every topic this person starts" threads not showing moderated icon #bug #fixed


Yes seeing your second message now. It moderates every topic the person starts. This is a simple bug with a thirty second fix. Not worth discussion. It does affect anyone else who posts to the topic, of course, but it is definitely not a group option, just as moderating any individual topic is not a group action. Nuf said. Let’s not rehash this feature?

On Jun 7, 2020, at 1:34 AM, Andy Wedge <andy_wedge@...> wrote:

On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 09:24 AM, Andy Wedge wrote:
"Override: moderate all messages of every topic this person starts"
Having sat at looked at the wording of this option again I can see how 'all messages of every topic' it might be construed to mean that the the topic should be moderated but given that the option itself relates to an individual member that cannot be the case. Moderating a new topic based on the post of a member would then impact other members' ability to post to that topic and I think moderating a topic should be seen as a group level activity rather than one propagated to the group based on a member's settings.



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