moderated Re: Add option to Bcc Moderators when banning or rejecting pending requests #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 10:28 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
As a moderator I have the option of being notified when anyone joins or leaves a group from the pick list of Notifications. Should the rejection of  an application or the banning of a member also be on the same pick list or should they be at the discretion of whoever does the rejection or banning via the bcc mechanism? Both might be a bit messy and I have no fixed view on which might be better.
Chris, a very good point. If I reject a pending message I get the option to Bcc: my fellow moderator and the message text used appears in the activity log. We do always try to remember to use the Bcc: All Moderators checkbox so we are both kept informed of the other's activities but on rare occasions we have both forgotten to do that. In that instance, I guess a checkbox in our own options to say we want to receive those notices would remove that element of risk

The other option when sending a message is to 'Bcc: Me'. Personally, I don't generally use that kind of option on any platform but I'm sure that some do. Are you suggesting removing that option from there too? I guess leaving it in place would keep some consistency with the 'BCC Me' option when sending a private reply via the web UI. My main concern in raising this is that I don't get a copy of the text used if a pre-defined noitce is used and that given that the text is not recorded in the activity log, and that a pre-defined notice can be changed after a message is sent, I have no audit trail or any way that I can see of working out what message was sent.


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