moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Updates to the members/owners manuals from Nina.
  • CHANGE: Photo thumbnails, including the single photo view, are now resized to 2048 on their longest dimension, as opposed to 720 previously. The JPEG quality was also decreased to 90. This only applies to photos uploaded from now on. 6/4/20:
  • INTERNAL: Re-wrote the program that sent daily summaries to make it much more efficient; the old version would sometimes take more than an hour to complete a run (and is run every hour). This was causing some people to miss summaries, especially those with America/Chicago timezones.
  • INTERNAL: Fix issue with the GoAMZ MultiDel() call not working on S3 to remove files and photos when deleting a group.
  • NEW: Hashtag list view shows mute/follow duration. Also, redid the mute/follow hashtag screens.
  • CHANGE: For new donation requests, we have changed the fee structure: the fee is 2%, in addition to Stripe's credit card fees.
  • CHANGE: Display the default 'Elephant' group icon on the mobile groups page for groups without an icon set (replacing the group/pie chart icons).
  • SYSADMIN: Upgraded the TLS certificates for the * domains to use Let's Encrypt certs instead of the older Gandi issued cert, to fix the Safari cert warning.

Take care everyone.


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