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Hi Shal,

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 02:12 AM, Shal Farley wrote:

I'd like to maintain a clear semantic and operational distinction between /messages/, which post to the group's archive and are sent to members in accordance to the /Email Delivery/ and /Advanced Preferences /panes of their Subscription settings, and /notices/ which do not appear in the group's archive and are sent to members based on events and other factors (including, for moderators, the /Notifications/ pane of their Subscription).

By those definitions the existing Calendar notifications (#cal-invite, #cal-reminder, and #cal-notice) are actually /messages/.

As are the file upload notifications. We've already got this mix of messages and notifications. What that also means is that the message archive is also the activity feed for the group, the place where a member can go to see everything that has happened in the group (yes, ignoring for the moment notifications that do not yet exist, like wiki updates). For better or worse, this is also how Facebook Groups is structured. I think the concept of an activity feed is important for the group, and if we end up pulling all the notifications out of the message archive, then I think we would need to create a new activity feed view somewhere.

  • Calendar invites. They have the hashtag #cal-invite, and the emails are sent to the group. People can mute those, and now they can also turn them into a notification. The invites still get sent to the group and still appear in the archives and people can still reply to them.

So when you say "turn them into a notification" here you mean something different - you mean make them available through the notification viewing system (web/app). Presumably they would also receive them by email unless they muted the associated hashtag.

Yes, that's correct. Muting would just be another form of notification control.

I think it may be annoying/confusing to have the notification controls lost amid the sea of message hashtags. I'd rather have the list of them in one place, one easily read list, with the checkboxes to /Show in Notification/ and /Mute in Email/ as columns to that list (ok, maybe also Duration for Mute). I specifically would not want to have to find and click on a button for each one among the difficult to scan hashtag tiles and go to a confirmation page just to change it, as one currently does for changing the Mute status of a hashtag. Yuck.

I've added a new list view to the group hashtag page, and that preference is remembered automatically. I'm definitely open to suggestions for how to better structure that page should we go the hashtags-for-notifications route, including adding bulk operation controls.

I have tried to think of other ways to do notifications, and I have been unable to come up with anything better or more straightforward. Take #cal-invite messages, for example. If the notification and hashtag muting settings are separate (and in separate areas of the site), you'd end up with some duplicate functionality. If I want nothing to do with #cal-invite messages, I'd have to mute the hashtag, and then I'd also have to go and make sure I'm not receiving any notifications about them.

Also, adding hashtags to existing moderator notifications makes it a little easier to identify which notification is which when changing the notification setting.

I'm definitely open to considering other ideas, but I haven't been able to come up with anything else that feels as straightforward as this.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks, Mark

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