moderated Email Logging Omission #bug

Chris Jones

Mark; in Site Updates of May 9th you announced that you had rectified a bug in the recording of resent confirmation emails. I think I have found another missed logging action.

If a moderator rejects a message for some reason then the fact of that rejection is recorded in the Activity log. However, if the moderator making the rejection checks the cc All Moderators box then the copies of that rejection sent to group moderators are not recorded as emails sent to the moderators, and IMHO they ought to be if only to be consistent with the confirmation emails recording above.

What brought this to light is that fact that once again I am not getting copies of rejection notifications while the other 2 mods of the group I moderate do. My first port of call was my ISP's spam box (empty!) and the second was the email delivery histories of all 3 of us, where as mentioned above there was no record of the rejection. A check with the other 2 revealed that they had received the notification.

Could you please have a look at this so that records of rejection notification emails are included in Email Delivery Histories?


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