moderated Re: Add a built-in PDF and Doc previewer for the Files section? #suggestion

dave w

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 05:38 AM, Duane wrote:
That's a common misconception.  In order to be viewed on your screen, the file is downloaded, at least part of it. 
Of course 'most' ordinary users don't understand the technical aspect of the way the web (WWW) works anyway, so how things are 'magically' and invisibly downloaded compared to the act of physically  downloading themselves. That said- I've not met a Mac browser that doesn't display proper pdfs on screen any time.
I do get ones that are either not properly created (encoded with correct metadata OR some other technical issue) that fail. I'm always suspicious of those being actual carriers of harm.
And I'm a voracious history researcher so do like my own copies to read later!

And citing what is 'common' because some company chose to target such features doesn't make it universal, or easy to achieve. Personally I'd be cautious with instantly playable doc/x files as much as they can contain/ control malware more commonly used to infiltrate machines.
FWIW, regards

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