locked Re: Attachments as links


On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 12:16 PM, Diana Gregory <diana@catsandme.net> wrote:

stripping an attachment and sticking it into a file or photo "folder"
and replacing it with a link in the email is one way to handle it, and
could be done for all attachments.

Upside - nobody's mail is brought to its knees

Downside - takes up group storage space
The way the system works right now is that each (free) group has 1GB
of storage space. That's for all attachments, photos, and files. We
don't count the text within emails in that number and we don't count
wiki text. When we receive an email, we pull all the attachments out
of the message and store them elsewhere (Amazon S3) while storing the
(hopefully now much smaller) email in a database. When viewing the
original message, or downloading the archives, or editing a message,
we reverse the process, pulling the attachments from S3 to rebuild the
original email. When viewing the attachments in the archives, we just
point to the attachments at S3, and they're served from there.

(When a group is set to strip attachments, then we do just that before
any other processing, and no attachments get stored in S3).

More than you ever wanted to know. :)

We already do what Dano's asking for with digest messages. The only
issue (I think) with adding this as a per-user option is figuring out
what the options should be.


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