moderated Re: Rejecting messages without a subject line #suggestion


On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 09:24 AM, Bart Fried wrote:
Subjects should be required. Especially in a group or forum
As they are. The suggestion in this thread has nothing to do with group messages. It is about messages going only to the owner/moderators of a group. Group members don't even receive such messages, so there's no issue with sending a subject-less email blast; and on top of that, messages to owners may come from non-group members so should not be subject to group restrictions or requirements - there's no such agreement or contract yet with the sender.

My group goes beyond the already existing requirement that group messages have subjects, and even requires that the subject contain the cat's name and other data. Messages coming from possible non-members with questions about the group, and going only to group owners, are a horse of a different hue and I would not want to bounce them if they simply lack a subject line.

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