moderated Re: Rejecting messages without a subject line #suggestion

Dave Wade


If you change the subject line you probably intend to start a new thread. The problem is when you mail client changes the subject.

In the past, but perhaps not on ””  I have seen mails that have acquired a while string of “RE: AW: RE: AW:” as mails ping pong between a user with a German language and an English language client.



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Subject: Re: [beta] Rejecting messages without a subject line #suggestion


On 23/05/2020 17:25:59, ro-esp <ro-esp@...> wrote:

On Sat, May 23, 2020 at 05:05 PM, Malcolm Austen wrote:

> Emails are (or should be) threaded on the basis of the threading headers,
> not on the basis of the subject line.

I disagree. If you change the subjectline, it's your intention to create a new thread.

Malcolm Austen: 


I argue the converse. If you want to start a new topic, you should compose a new message. It should be permissible to correct a typo in the subject line without starting a new topic.



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