moderated Re: The ability to resize all uploaded Photos, or even a a single Photo #suggestion

Paul Fox

chris jones via wrote:
> On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 04:51 PM, paul fox wrote:
> >
> > Ownership of the files would likely be lost (I assume the zip file
> > wouldn't contain that information), but it could be probably be restored
> > by group admins on an as-needed basis.
> And what about any additional text that might have been added for
> various photographs? I know that many "uploaders" are lazy when it

Good point. As it turns out that the downloaded zip file (I fetched
one, to see what it looked like) contains a json file for each folder
and image containing the original datestamp and description fields.

{"Created":"2016-01-12T20:14:10-08:00","Name":"Edge.jpg", \
"Desc":"This View shows how the Wood is tapered for Better Fit"}

It's not hard to imagine an import process that honored that json file.

> comes to tidying up photographs names and adding explanatory text,
> but those that are diligent should not have to see their efforts
> come to nothing.
> If any change is to be requested, IMHO it ought to be resizing in situ.

Obviously that would be optimal.

And actually, as much as I'd love a bulk resize, I think a per-file
button on the edit box might be better: we have photos in our
Photos section that are scans of antique newspapers and manuals. Those
should probably remain big, and should have gone to the Files section
in the first place. But I'd hate to lose their detail in a bulk operation.


paul fox, (arlington, ma, where it's 77.2 degrees)

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