moderated Re: The ability to resize all uploaded Photos, or even a a single Photo #suggestion


I'm another one with the same problem of needing to resize some photos. If it makes any difference, I have three premium groups that have the problem in, but only on random images. I didn't resize on transfer because I don't want all images resampled. There are a few, however that are not worth the space they take up now.

As has been suggested, it's possible to resample them manually and replace the original and reassign ownership, but that's a lot of fooling around for something that should be more simple. I would really like to see a function where an owner or moderator with such rights can select an image and have the system resample them down without changing the ownership or other information.

I might be something that could be added to the extra abilities of Premium groups. A group that needed to do this one time might be able to go Premium for a month to do this. Personally, I prefer to keep a few groups Premium to help support

A related thing I would like is to be able to move an attachment to another folder without losing the connection to the original message, so the attachment didn't cycle out. I wouldn't worry so much about later appearances in a group, and am only concerned with the first appearance in a thread.


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Another possible solution to this problem occurred to me.

As I understand it, I have the ability to export all Photos and end up with a big zip file. Assuming (and this is a big assumption) that the folders and folder names are preserved in that zip file, then it could be possible to:
• Export to zip file
• Do an offline batch resize of the photos
• Create a fresh zip file
• Pay a one-time fee to wipe out the current photos
and replace them with the contents of the zipfile

Ownership of the files would likely be lost (I assume the zip file wouldn't contain that information), but it could be probably be restored by group admins on an as-needed basis.

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