moderated Re: Include filename in subject line of upload mails #suggestion

Glenn Glazer

On 5/19/2020 13:14, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
I don't concur with the analogy.
You seem to be viewing your suggestion with focus on your needs only.
It makes it seem that your pencil analogy disregards the value of any other groups' opinion.

Bob Bellizzi

That's not my intent. All things that can be used, can be misused, including existing features. Limiting features to things that cannot possibly be misused is too high a bar for feature requests. As with all things, I am always a supporter of making things available to those that want and not available to those that don't. So, if some of us want pencils and find the risk acceptable, that doesn't imply forcing everyone to buy pencils. They may choose not if they so wish.



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