moderated Re: New notifications proposal #misc


I use and like hashtags on my group's messages. I don't need hashtags on group notifications, but I can live with them if necessary (I'll just ignore them).

What would be infinitely more useful for group notifications is a change to the subject lines for mods who receive notifications via e-mail. Here's an example of what I mean:

Somebody applies to join my group. I receive an e-mail:
Subscription Approval Needed - applied to
That's absolutely fine. Works great for me. Amongst other things, I can sort applications alphabetically if i want to.

One of the other mods approves them, often while I'm asleep. I get:
New Subscriber To

I may get up in the morning to five or ten of these. I have to plough through my inbox matching the applications with the approvals. How much easier would it be to see: has joined

Similarly if somebody leaves I get:
Subscriber has left

How much easier to get: has left

Thank you for your consideration.


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