moderated Re: Calendar Reminder #bug

Andy Wedge

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 03:44 AM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
My response to you is that the proper place to report a bug is here, on Beta.
I am fully aware of where to report bugs

 a discussion on GMF, which I follow daily
If you had read it carefully you would have seen that I quoted the support ticket number showing that it had previously been raised as an issue.

[GMF], is not a substitute for reporting a bug via Beta.
I didn't say it was.

I fail to understand why you commented as you did about my bug report, which Mr. Fletcher acknowledged and acted upon.
As I said previously, just to make you (and others) aware that this issue has happened before.  Mark 'acted upon' my bug report last year. The fact that some people are still seeing ghost reminders suggests either that the issue wasn't fixed or perhaps it was fixed at the time but something has changed to make it reappear.

Enough said.


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