moderated Split topic action doesn't update number of Topics on group's home page #bug

Gilbert Coville

-1 Topics. Pretty cool, eh?

To reproduce:

Start with empty group or subgroup: 0 messages, 0 topics
New topic-> Make subject “Subject1" and body “body1", send
Home page shows 1 topic
View the message, then hit reply, Leave subject as “Re: Subject1”, set body to “body2”, hit reply-to-group
Home page still shows 1 topic
Go to topics view, select the only topic “Subject1”, sort ascending so that the first message is “body1” and the second message is “body2”.
For the body2 message, choose More->split, enter “Subject2" in the Split Topic box, hit “Split Topic” button
Home page still shows 1 topic!
Go to topics view, delete one of the topics.
Home page shows 0 topics.
Go to topics view, delete the other topic.
Home page shows -1 topics.


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