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John Pearce <jponsalt@...>

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 03:30 PM, John Pearce wrote:
But waiting a week would defeat the purpose of reporting to
Chris Jones wrote:
Not necessarily, IMHO. Flagging up too soon might well result in so many false positives that it risks swamping with potentially innocent applicants.

Chris, agreed.  I was thinking that a tool might help to identify someone as a spammer more than I could do myself.  I don't know what information a tool Mark is suggesting  might provide.  I found for example one person who applied on the web whose email address tracked to a cloud provider in Florida that is known for allowing spammers and hackers to use their service.  The application aged out.  At this time the only people I would report are people that make it onto the group and then spam.  This has only happened once.  Some guidance as to when to report someone along with the tool would be helpful.

John Pearce

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