moderated A threading error spotted

Malcolm Austen

It experimenting with a new (sub)group to replace a mailman list, I think
we have located a threading error.

If someone replies by email with the subject changed, then GIO seems to do
things sendibly - it starts a new topic and sends the email out without
any (old) threading history in the headers.

However, if someone replies on the web interface and changes the subject
line. GIO starts a new topic but the outgoing email has the threading
headers that links it to the old messages. So while the web display is
right, an email client that respects the threading headers will see it as a continuation of the thread.

I guess this could be called either way - when replying on the web
interface and changing the subject -
GIO should continue the topic rather than start a new one
GIO should take out the threading headers from the outgoing email

Others may disagree of course ...

Keep safe, Malcolm.

Malcolm Austen <>

[Mod note: Added #bug hashtag]

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