moderated Re: Reporting a pending subscriber #misc

Scott Logan

I think this would be a very welcome addition as long as it was a tool available only to group owners and/or moderators. I’m afraid that such a tool available to report spammers by average members would quickly get overused.


OTOH, a tool for members to report content to the owner/moderators of THAT group could be useful as well.


Welp… looks that already is a feature. Guess I learned something today!





From: <> On Behalf Of Mark Fletcher
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2020 5:03 PM
Subject: [beta] Reporting a pending subscriber #misc


Hi All,


For those of you with restricted groups, if I added a feature where you could report someone who had applied to your group that you thought was a spammer, would you use that feature? It would filter up to something system wide. Are there other tools I could provide to help weed these jerks out?


(fully acknowledging that this would only be one signal in evaluating if someone was a spammer).





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