moderated Banned past members have accessible profiles, unbanning them removes that info #bug #fixed


I banned someone from a group today and was chagrined to find that after banning them, their clickable profile and email address suddenly appeared below and at the top of their messages. I had to unban the person to make those disappear. Like for past members (those who have not been banned), this info should no longer appear. But banning them makes it come back.

I recall posting about this in the past, but in a different context, wherein I wanted to see a past member's info but could only do it if they had been banned, and I was using banning as a workaround to make it appear. Now it's the opposite scenario: I want the member banned but cannot keep them banned without also making their info accessible, which I don't want. So I had to unban them.

I hope this gets fixed soon.

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