locked Site Updates #changelog


Changes to the site today:

  • When viewing archives in the Message or Expanded Message views, the 'Re:' was missing from the subjects of messages that were replies. Fixed.
  • Improved message threading on the website: For messages with no References and In-Reply-To headers, but that have subject lines that start with 'Re:', we now look for messages sent in the last 7 days with the same subject line. If a message is found, we treat the new message as a reply to that thread.
  • Added an Edit button in the Pending Messages view. It works if only one pending message is selected.
  • Added a better error message when bouncing back messages because we believe an autoresponder or loop is happening (if we've received more than 20 messages from someone to a single group within a 30 minute window).

Cheers, Mark

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